Ranch Colony: A Guide to Elegance in Southeast Florida

Welcome to Ranch Colony, where luxury living meets idyllic natural beauty. This prestigious community, nestled in the heart of Southeast Florida, close to Jupiter, offers an array of lifestyles across its unique subdivisions. Catering to the distinct tastes of each resident, Ranch Colony harmoniously blends the serenity of nature with sophisticated living. Whether your passion lies in golf, equestrian activities, aviation, or simply enjoying the tranquility of a luxurious estate, Ranch Colony promises an exclusive oasis mere minutes from Jupiter's vibrant culture and stunning Atlantic beaches.

Discovering Ranch Colony: A Community Overview

A Jewel of Florida: Luxury Living Redefined


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Big City or Small Town? Where you should buy in Florida

Even if you're from out of state, you've likely heard of Miami and its cool, Cuban, jazzy culture. Even if you've never set foot in Florida, you've heard of Orlando. These cities are well-known for good reason. Miami boasts miles of white sand beaches, and Orlando is host to half a dozen famed theme parks. Additionally, cities offer residents plenty of conveniences. With a broad range of local retailers to choose from and a wide selection of recreation opportunities, residents have many options when it comes to creating a lifestyle they love. Having that said, urban centers are defined by large populations, and this often translates to hours spent in traffic, sky-high parking fees, elevated crime rates, and property rates as high as the tallest…

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 How to Relocate to Florida

If you dream of sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and gently swaying palm trees, then it might be time to move to Florida. From New York to California, people all over the country have dreams of one day relocating to the Sunshine State.

Maybe you're looking to sell your house and retire in comfort, or maybe you want to make the jump to our sunny climate earlier in life. Either way, there are few things you should know before you plan your move.

Are you relocating from outside the United States? My post about moving to Florida from Canada might be helpful, or you can check out my Out-of-Country Purchasing Guide.

An Easy Retirement: Buying With Cash

Do you own your own home? Then moving to Florida will be easy. You can simply sell your home…

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Canadians Buying in Florida

When Canadians look to buy a vacation property, it's usually about the weather. Most Canadian cities get extremely cold in the winter, and endure a miniature Ice Age's worth of snow. Meanwhile, Florida's natural beauty—its white, sandy beaches, its gorgeous coastline, and its sunny, warm winters—is the stuff of legend, but the summer here can get a bit too hot.

This all means that Florida and Canada are something of a match made in heaven. Living in Florida during the winter and in Canada the rest of the year lets many Canadians avoid the cold and beat the heat, giving them the best of both worlds. It's no surprise, then, that an estimated half a million Canadians own property in Florida!

But it's not easy to buy real estate outside your…

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Top Luxury Features Florida Buyers Want Most

It's no secret that Southeast Florida is home to some of the most incredible luxury properties in the world. If you've ever browsed through some listings for multi-million dollar villas in Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter, you've seen some truly incredible homes with luxury features that will make your life a dream. But when it comes to actually selling a luxury home, you have to figure out how to get your home to stand out from a group of homes that already stand very far out.

The secret to making a luxury home appeal more than any other is to ensure it has the latest and greatest luxury amenities. From smart fridges to infinity pools, from landscaping to wine rooms, every incredible feature is a small piece of the puzzle. When a potential buyer sees…

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From stunning estates in Jupiter, FL to tiny teardowns in Canada, here's what $1 million will get you across the globe.

Although $1 million should get you the life of luxury, in many major cities around the globe it's not that simple. In fact, in major cities $1 million will get you less than 600 square feet of space. Thankfully it's quite the opposite in our slice of paradise, where luxury homes for sale in South Florida for $1 million will get you a 3000 square foot house situated in one of the area's top country clubs. You could purchase a beautiful luxury home in South Florida or a small apartment in Hong Kong, take a look at what $1 million gets you in these 5 cities and tell us which you'd choose to live on Facebook.

Vancouver, British…

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The green grass and palm trees are common in master plan communities

With an average 159 days of sunshine in West Palm Beach alone, what is there not to love about South Florida? We have some of the best golf courses in North America, stunning ocean resorts, and beautiful world-class homes in master plan communities in South Florida. It's no surprise that many people flock to our little slice of paradise. However, before you start scouring listings for luxury vacation homes in South Florida, here are some key things you should consider:

Ongoing Costs

Ongoing costs for vacation homes can vary depending on the type of property and the location. Below are some of the most common costs for luxury homes in South Florida:

Home Owner Association Fees

Home owner association fees are common throughout many…

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Choosing a Gated Community in South Florida

Whether you're a young entrepreneur looking for a place to golf on the weekends, or a retiring couple in search of an active outdoor lifestyle, there are gated communities in Jupiter or West Palm Beach perfect for you. But with lifestyle options ranging from country club dining to raising horses, it can be difficult to choose just one.

Finding the community that's right for you means figuring out the kind of lifestyle and values you want to share with your neighbors. Here are few popular choices in South Florida.

Jupiter Golf Properties

Many of the Jupiter gated homes for sale are close to world-class golf courses that attract enthusiasts and professionals alike. If you choose to settle down in Old Trail, you will have access to The Fazio and…

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7 Things to Do in Jupiter This Summer

Though the weather's nice throughout the year, summer is a particularly exciting time in South Florida. Around here, locals love to maximize their R&R potential by firing up the grill or hitting some of the Atlantic Coast's award-winning beaches, but there are also plenty of other activities—in and out of the sun—that will keep you and your family busy. With summertime just around the corner, here are eight exciting activities in and around Jupiter and West Palm Beach in the coming months:

1. SunFest

The music lovers in your family will adore SunFest in West Palm Beach, a five day festival like no other that claims to be the largest waterfront celebration of music in the state of Florida. With a line-up featuring performers like Snoop Dogg,…

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Jupiter Jubilee is an annual event, which will be celebrated this Saturday at the Jupiter Community Center from 11 to 5pm.  Each year, the Jubilee highlights Jupiter's unique character, history, community and natural treasures. In the spirit of conservation, the Jubilee is a Green event, and vendors, exhibits and attendees are encouraged to recycle, re-use, and conserve.

Free parking is available at Jupiter High School, just south of the Jupiter Community Center, on Military Trail.  Free shuttles will operate continuously throughout the event, back and forth from the high school and the Jubilee.

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