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Top Luxury Features Florida Buyers Want Most

It's no secret that Southeast Florida is home to some of the most incredible luxury properties in the world. If you've ever browsed through some listings for multi-million dollar villas in Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter, you've seen some truly incredible homes with luxury features that will make your life a dream. But when it comes to actually selling a luxury home, you have to figure out how to get your home to stand out from a group of homes that already stand very far out.

The secret to making a luxury home appeal more than any other is to ensure it has the latest and greatest luxury amenities. From smart fridges to infinity pools, from landscaping to wine rooms, every incredible feature is a small piece of the puzzle. When a potential buyer sees…

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From stunning estates in Jupiter, FL to tiny teardowns in Canada, here's what $1 million will get you across the globe.

Although $1 million should get you the life of luxury, in many major cities around the globe it's not that simple. In fact, in major cities $1 million will get you less than 600 square feet of space. Thankfully it's quite the opposite in our slice of paradise, where luxury homes for sale in South Florida for $1 million will get you a 3000 square foot house situated in one of the area's top country clubs. You could purchase a beautiful luxury home in South Florida or a small apartment in Hong Kong, take a look at what $1 million gets you in these 5 cities and tell us which you'd choose to live on Facebook.

Vancouver, British…

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