Top Luxury Features Florida Buyers Want Most

It's no secret that Southeast Florida is home to some of the most incredible luxury properties in the world. If you've ever browsed through some listings for multi-million dollar villas in Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter, you've seen some truly incredible homes with luxury features that will make your life a dream. But when it comes to actually selling a luxury home, you have to figure out how to get your home to stand out from a group of homes that already stand very far out.

The secret to making a luxury home appeal more than any other is to ensure it has the latest and greatest luxury amenities. From smart fridges to infinity pools, from landscaping to wine rooms, every incredible feature is a small piece of the puzzle. When a potential buyer sees your luxury home, they shouldn't be comparing it to others in their mind—they should be imagining the life that they can live there, and only there. Here are a few of the top features to consider.

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1. The Marvels of Technology

Smart technology for homes has exploded in the past few years, and there will soon be a time when no luxury home is complete without it. In Florida especially, you want your home to have good security and temperature controls, which smart technology makes easy. Imagine turning up the air-conditioning with a voice command, or remote viewing your front door on your iPad while you're on a trip. These features give you unprecedented control over your space, all in the easiest way possible.

But to really go above and beyond, you can install other smart features and appliances. For example, who doesn't want an automated sound system that can sync with the music on their devices? Meanwhile smart fridges are the latest craze, as people discover how convenient it is to have their refrigerators compile grocery lists for them. And more technologies are coming out every day. Truly, the luxury of the future will be smart technology.

2. The Perfect Backyard

If you live in Florida, you're plan is to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you want a luxury home in Florida, you're expecting that luxury to extend beyond your door. As a result, people are buying luxury homes in Florida as much for their outdoor living space as for their incredible interiors. So what are the key features that make sure your home stands out?

First, think of the landscaping. People buying luxury homes are looking for their own private paradise, so you really need mature landscaping to ensure complete privacy from your neighbors. To really reinforce the "tropical paradise" theme, you should make ample use of palm trees, though other tropical fruit trees are a bonus.

Next, no luxury home is complete without a luxury swimming pool. Whether the pool is Olympic-sized or made of marble, you should make sure it stands out, and will feel unique and luxurious even after many years of use. One of the best touches for a pool is an infinity edge, ideally overlooking the ocean at the exact spot where the sun rises or sets. You'll create the best possible views for pre-breakfast or after-dinner swims.

Finally, make sure that the outdoor space is a natural extension of the house itself. A good luxury home has decks and lanais to allow people to relax outside without fully leaving the comfort of their home.

3. Spicing up the Kitchen

In addition to the smart-fridges mentioned above, kitchens are an extremely popular place to add luxurious features to a home. Many people love cooking or entertaining, and being able to do so in style is a huge bonus. One of the biggest trends in luxury kitchens right now is the wine-rack. Whether it's automated or custom-lit, having a wine-rack that sparkles and shows off your vintage collection is an impressive touch for any kitchen.

4. Taking Care of Yourself

Increasingly, people are realizing that they don't want to have to go out to go to the gym or the spa. It's much nicer to have your own exercise room to work out at, and a spa (often attached to the pool) where you can enjoy a relaxing hot-tub experience. You can add a flare to either of these features by adding a large TV screen, so you can watch movies while you work out, or while you relax.

Endless Opportunity

There is no end to the possible features that can add to a luxury home. From Roman-style master baths to eight-car garages, there are always more ways to enhance your lifestyle and make your home one-of-a-kind. What features would you look for in your ideal Florida luxury home?

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