Out-of-Country Property Purchase

More than any other state, Florida is a popular place to buy for non-U.S. citizens. Florida attracts buyers from Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and all over the world.

Our team has extensive experience assisting out-of-country buyers in purchasing real estate in Southeast Florida. If you're looking to purchase real estate here, you will require professional assistance to ensure that the purchase goes smoothly. We can provide highly competent representation in international real estate dealings.

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International Home Buyers

Buying property in Florida can be a great investment strategy. Whether you plan to use it as a permanent residence, as a vacation home, or as an income-generating rental property, you can get a lot of value from your Florida home. Meanwhile, it will likely retain its value, and there's a good chance that its value will increase. So whether you want to reclocate to Florida or simply invest in the real estate market, a smart purchase will greatly benefit you.

It's strongly recommended to visit a property before purchasing. If possibly, you should make a trip to Florida to visit a neighborhood and choose from among multiple properties before committing to a purchase. However, such a trip is not always convenient. If you can't make the trip, we are fully capable of finding you the right property and negotiating a fair price.

In addition to hiring a local Florida real estate agent, you may wish to hire an attorney who can advise you on any potential legal issues. Since the U.S. and Florida each have specific real estate laws, a legal counsel with experience in real estate can help to ensure that your investment won't be subject to legal penalties or unforeseen taxation.

No matter what your goals are for purchasing property in Southeast Florida, we're dedicated to working hard for you and finding you what you want.

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